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A Rabbit


Rabbits that are approximately four inches, eyes open, ears erect and hopping around are independent of the mother and should be left alone unless injured or sick. Mother rabbits visit the nest only (you may never see her)a few times a day to feed babies so they do not attract predators to the nest. If the nest is disturbed but the babies are uninjured, do not touch the babies, cover them with natural material close by (grass, leaves, fur) and follow these steps to ensure their safety: 

Keep all pets away from area.

Place string or sticks in a tic tac toe pattern over nest. This is done to determine if the mother has returned to nurse.

Wait 24 hours and check nest to see if the string or sticks have been moved. If the string or sticks have been moved and the nest is covered with grass, leaves or fur then the mother has returned and nursed.

If the string and sticks have not been moved secure babies in a container with blankets and a heating source (heating pad, warm water bottle, rice sock), place in a quiet and dark area.

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