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A Squirrel

Baby Squirrels

If a squirrel looks full sized, has a full fluffy tail and is running, jumping and climbing around it is independent and does not need rehabilitation. If a baby squirrel continuously follows or approaches humans the mom is probably gone. If this is the case contact us immediately.

If a baby has fallen from a nest, the mother does no retrieve it immediately and it does not appear injured then place (pick up with gloves or blanket) the squirrel in a box (make sure it has drain holes) with a blanket and nail it to the tree or other safe place close to the the tree and keep pets and people away until mom comes to retrieve the baby. You can also google squirrel noises on your phone and play them to attract the mom. If it’s chilly outside provide an additional heat source (rice bag, warm water bottle, heating pad on low under blanket). Do not cover them.

If none of the above scenarios occur by dusk retrieve the squirrel(s) secure them in a box and place them inside a blanket, fleece or hat with additional heating source. Put container in a quiet dark place and contact us.

If handling any injured juvenile or adult squirrels make sure your wear thick gloves. THEY WILL BITE!

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