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A Raccoon


Raccoons are great mothers and do not let their kits out of their sight for long. If you find a baby raccoon that appears to be abandoned you can put it in a container with a blanket and heat source (rice sock, warm water bottle) and leave it where it was found (or somewhere safe close by) overnight to see if the mother returns to retrieve it. Make sure if you handle any wildlife to take safety precautions and wear gloves and pick up with a towel. If the baby appears injured, sick or weather does not permit reuniting put them in a container with a heat source and put in a quiet, dark place. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED OR HANDLE! You are just securing it until you are given instructions to do otherwise. Reach out to our organization for any reuniting questions or rehabilitation.

Do not attempt to handle an aggressive raccoon! Once they reach about 6 months they have stranger danger and they are quick and can bite.


If you have raccoons in your attic or other structures there are methods to make them leave without harming or relocating them. These methods work for raccoons taking up residence and nursing raccoons. For nursing raccoons make sure you give her plenty of time to move her family. She will have multiple dens up to a mile away and there could be as many as seven babies so be aware this may take a few days. Once the raccoon(s) leave you must repair the area of entry to prevent more raccoons from moving in. Below are options for evicting raccoons:

Sonic Boxes - can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Place these in the direction of the entry but leave a pathway for escape. 

Amber Store Lights - these can be purchased online or at Party City stores. Place as near to the nest as possible.

Portable Radio - can be played near the nest (tune it to talk radio) during the day while they are trying to rest. This works well for nursing mom who prefer a quiet, safe environment.

Bobcat, Fox or Coyote Urine - Small spray bottles can be purchased online, at sporting goods stores and some feed stores. Spray in attic and around entrance. This will alert raccoons that a predator is nearby and they will move to a safer location.

Raccoons are sweet, adorable, lovable and fun when they are babies but they do not stay that way. Please do not wait to contact us when they reach puberty and are starting to bite and destroy the house. The change of environment and stress from taking them from surroundings they are familiar with can be devastating. 

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